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How I got started with my newborn photography studio

People have been asking recently how I got started with newborn photography. Well, here is my simple response that will go a long way .....

I had always been into photography since I was little. I took pictures of everything. But, there came a point in my life where all of my friends were having babies and I got the amazing opportunity of photographing them! '

Thats when I fell in love with newborn photography.

There was something about capturing those first few days of life that are so fleeting. I wanted to capture these moments in the most precious way that could not be replicated.

So there were a few things I needed to do in order to accomplish this.

1. Make sure I had all of the safety technique down for handling newborns during a photography session

It is so important to make sure you know how to handle baby throughout the session. I made sure to complete numerous newborn safety courses specific to newborn photography. Whether this be in wrapping or the safety of posing a baby, I cant stress enough how important this is. Along with this, it gives parents the comfort of knowing their child is in good hands.

2. Become educated on newborn poses and wraps

I spent countless hours educating myself on different types of wraps and poses. I joined different newborn photography groups to learn the specific wraps and poses I wanted to offer and mastered those before moving onto the next.

Akron newborn Photography

3. Understand the use of studio lighting vs natural lighting

Lighting is everything. Clients will come to you for your specific style. Many photographers prefer natural light over studio light and vise versa. I like to offer both but 99% of the time I use studio lighting for a newborn session.

Akron newborn Photography

4. Start building my client closet

Part of the experience when booking a session with Jennyfer Marie Photography is knowing that I will have everything you need. I have built up my client closet over the years to allow the parents to have options in props and colors they want included in their session. I also provide dresses for mom to wear during the session. It's hard enough getting out of the house with a newborn! I want to make this process as enjoyable and seamless as possible for both parents and baby.

Akron newborn Photography

5. Make the newborn session an experience rather than just a service.

From the time clients walk into my studio, I want them to feel comfortable, relaxed and ready to watch the session unfold. As soon as baby arrives they are fed and then I take it from there. I have a comfortable space for parents to watch the session take place & awe over their little miracle.

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