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Welcome to the Studio!!

I have been waiting for the day that I could open up my own studio & it is now happening!!! I feel like a little kid waiting for Christmas.

So, welcome to a look into my studio!

The studio is meant to capture timeless, organic images of newborns, milestones, and families. I have an entire client closet available to anyone who books a session. Prior to your session, we will discuss the look you are going for. This will allow me to know how to prepare for your session. All you need to do is simply show up to your session and I'll do the rest.

What all does the studio include??

The studio consist of multiple solid backdrops, and two different wooden backdrops for newborn, milestones and sibling photos. I also offer newborn photos to be done on a bean bag to allow for different fabric backdrops

I created each of the wood backdrops. I stained the dark wood to get a natural barn like look while the white planks allow for a fresh clean look.

This is my bean bag setup for newborn sessions. I still have another bean bag on order that will allow me to expand my creativity.


I have multiple fabrics, baskets, bows, outfits, and props to choose from. The door to the right is a closet filled with more, (just still needs organized)

Prior to our session, we will discuss colors, outfits, and look you are going for

Outfit sizes range from newborn-4T as well as adult.

Images taken in studio

Interested in booking a session?? Let's chat! Click here to connect!

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