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How to tell your story through photography

Lifestyle photography has become my favorite way to document the season of life we are in.  I am such a visual person in general, which makes having an acutally image to look back on extremely helpful when remembering what a moment in time was like. Let’s face it … every season does not feel the same.  Some seasons of life feel like they will never end and others feel like they lasted only for a moment. 

Telling your story allows your to be honest with the reality of life.  Motherhood is an emotional and physical roller coaster.  I know this first hand! Motherhood is the hardest job I will never hate. I always strive to have no regret, but I am human.  

In order to tell my story, I have to be honest with myself. I know everyday is not going to perfect.  Trantrums will happen, wining is going to take place, our selfish ways will get in the way, and patience will be tested.  If a day gose by and these things don’t happen we often consider that a good day. 

However, the journey of getting to those days is where the beauty lies. In order for our story to be documented I focus on the following things:


I think about what goes into our typical day. Having been a teacher prior to having kids, I know how much kids thrive off routine.  They find security in knowing what to expect. Our morning routine consists of mornings bottles, breakfast, bible study, and playtime. 


What do each of us enjoy during this season?  Our family currently enjoys going on walks, crafts, reading, playing in each others cribs, ducks, Mickey Mouse, playing in the sink, bible study, singing, dance parties and popcorn parties while watching movies


Let’s be honest, we all have emotions.  Good, bad, ugly – we are human! I don’t want to look back at these times and think everything was perfect.  IT’S DEF. NOT. I want to be honest with myself, and others as I share my experience of motherhood with them. 


Every year, I create an album that highlights all of our happenings that year.  It allows me to reminisce on the past year and the journey of how we got to the next year. Of course I love the traditional smiling photo of our family. It brings all the good feels to look at it, but I don't want to forget the day to day happenings. Life goes so fast, it's easy to do so.

… and moms, I believe it’s IMPORTANT that YOU are in these pictures! When your little ones look back at their childhood, they need to see you.  They need to know how you interacted with them.  As moms, we get so busy making sure everyone is taken care of and snapping pictures of our little ones, but it truly is important for you to be in the pictures (no matter what we look like) because our children will see that we are present.

Types of lifestyle sessions:

Day in the Life: Takes place in the walls of your very own home.  Documenting the day to day happenings with the ones you love.

Family Outing: If you’re heading on an adventure (zoo, hike, pool, etc) and you want to enjoy the day while still being able to have memories to look back on forever – this is the type of story telling session for you.

Celebrations: Birthdays, Holidays, Graduations, you name it.  Anyone who knows me, knows I am always up for celebrating even the little things! 

I love the planning process with clients for their individual lifestyle session. These sessions are so authentic and meaningful. We start by going over a questionnaire you fill out. This way I can get to know you and your family even better. All of the planning is done ahead of time, so that when it comes to the day of the session - all you have to do is be you. Go through your day as though I am not even there. All that's left is for me to do my thing! Which is what I do best.

Ready to tell your story? Lets get to the fun part! I'd love to hear from you and begin planning your session!

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