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A glimpse into a newborn session

Any mom will tell you, the newborn phase goes by so quickly! Being able to capture those tiny little moments is something that every mom wants to have to hold onto.

Within those first few weeks, there are so many "new" changes that are happening! From welcoming a new member into your family to all the body changes you are experiences as a new mom - Jennyfer Marie Photography offers an all inclusive newborn session for the entire family.

So what does a newborn session look like?

Upon arriving to the studio, you will have been told exactly what to expect from start to finish.

Baby will be tired and hungry upon arriving to the session. This sets everyone up for a successful session. When walking into the studio, mom can make herself comfortable and begin feeding baby. Once baby is fed that's where I jump in!

I begin styling baby in the pre-determined selections made between mom and me. Depending on if baby is still awake, or asleep will determine whether we start with a wrapped baby or exposed baby on a prop or bean bag. 90% of the time I start with family/siblings and then transition to individual shots of the baby. If siblings are included in the session - I most always start with family first!

After family shots are completed, I usually place the wrapped baby in a bucket, or place baby on the bean bag wrapped. Again, every baby is different, but usually babies are most content when they are wrapped and cozy during the session.

After all the wrapped poses are completed, I transition to a more exposed look either on a bed, in a bowel, or on a bean bag. I am really loving the idea that less is more as far as props and what is included in an image. This allows the image to focus mainly on the baby. I love a timeless image

Sessions typically last around 60-90 minutes. Once the session is over, baby is handed back to mom and mom usually feeds baby again or changes him/her and packs everything up to head home.

Every session is unique in that each baby is different. Preparing prior to coming allows for a smooth session for baby and a relaxing session for mom and dad!

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