Okay, so here you are - you came across my page & I'm more thankful than you know that you're here. There's a reason you're here too.  

Life goes by faster than we realize. So fast that we don't have time to slow down and enjoy the little things. 

Investing in a documentary session with me allows us to focus on those little things while capturing them in the most authentic way possible. 

Before our session, I take you through a planning process that allows us to outline exactly what makes your family unique.  This covers everything from your day to day routine (or lack of), favorite activities, what you hope to capture, personalities, etc. 

All of the planning is done ahead of time. This way, the day of the session - you can go about your day as normal and allow me to do my thing! Which is what I do best! 

Give your children the gift of remembering their childhood exactly as it is. Good, bad, ugly, and beautiful moments, captured through the art of an image that will last forever.